We are Leading  Exporters of all kinds of Towels,  Household Textile Products, Brassieres, Underwear, Nightly Suits, Bangles, Earring, Ear Ben, different kind of Hair Clips, Shoes, Animal Feeds, Sea Foods, Fresh Fruit, Vegetables,  Shirts, Bed Sheets

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  We are Exporters of all Kinds of Garments expected UnderGarment 
   Household Textile Product
   Baby & Children's Shoe
  Fresh Fruit,
  Hand Ring
  All Aminal Feeds
  We are Khizer Group of Companies
1. Nukshbund & Sons
2. Junaid Enterprises
3. Khizeer Corporation


Khizer Corporation is exporters oriented organization. It is for the purpose of human brings and other items has below: Bangle, Hand Ring,  Towels, Fresh Fruit, Vegetables, Rice, All Animal Feeds, Dry Grass, Green Grass, and Dry Bran. The fiscal is increasing at unsustainable rates.

Ladies and gentlemen,                                                                                                     Enhancing export competitiveness of Pakistan would largely depend upon the quality of group of companies and management structures deployed to implement it believes, on the basis of an extensive consultative process, that there is a consensus among all the stakeholders in Pakistanís international trade that the countryís exports can become an engine of growth and prosperity in Pakistan, if the relevant institutions, both in public and private sector implement a holistic strategy to enhance competitiveness of exports.

The Conference discussed issues such as food supply, maximum use of services and resources, technological and research cooperation and the removal of obstacles hampering a smooth flow of agricultural products within the world wide.

It is playing a key role in the strengthening of the socioeconomic relations among business circles of the world wide.

This point entails the highest concentration of the industrial expert or consultant, who is involved in preparing feasibility studies for factories likely to be setup in the Karachi Pakistan. It is true that neither the readymade solutions applied in the developing countries, nor those suggested for the developed countries are suitable for the Pakistan. That justifies the great stress supposed to be given to the dualism of the local economy. For instance, in the under developed countries, the feasibility studies  implemented locally because of the inadequate local studies tend to encourage the capital intensive, large scale factories, while local studies should be very cautious if manipulating such approach, because of the obstacles facing this category of factories due to the limited potential of the local market, and the difficulties of exporting local products, together with the limited competence of local manpower and the high cost of hiring qualified laborers. 

Interested Importers may please be requested that do not hesitated in writing us a letter. In their required as per your demands  

In line with the same spirit of service to the common man, our aim is to bring forth a positive strategic change in the export sector of Pakistan. We also wish to expand our support and encouragement to the in our organization and ensure the availability of enabling infrastructure.

History of Industrial Policy-Making in Pakistan; Why Those Who Seek To Influence Policy-Making and Those Responsible For It Should Understand the Considerations That Motivate Various Stake Holders.

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